16 October 2017

Like cricket and whiskey, the sandwich is a quintessentially British creation that has taken over the world! Supposedly, the 4th Earl of Sandwich invented the ‘sandwich’ around 1740, as a quick meal to prevent disruptions to his gambling sessions. And today, as a result of this invention over 11.5 billion sandwiches are eaten by UK consumers annually (…I know, that’s a lot of sarnies). However, this is not surprising since sandwiches are the king of food-engineering, due to their limitlessness, variety, expandability and versatility.

The sandwich market in the UK is huge and it’s growing, estimated at a value of £3.5bn a year. Hence, whether you’re running a local sandwich shop or you’re a big-time distributor, it is worth investing.

Heat-sealing cardboard sandwich wedges are usually perceived to be better quality than that of plastic, and therefore allow a higher selling price. Additionally, cardboard offers much better marketing opportunities, as retailers can customise their packaging. They are also much more environmentally friendly (the important part!).

To produce these superior packaged sandwiches, you will need a heat-sealing machine. Heat-sealing machines are becoming more popular to keep up with the growing demand and to charge premium prices. Enterpack have produced a completely automated sandwich packaging system which gives the perfect seal and provides an additional three days shelf life. The Enterpack machine has been designed with ease of use in mind, they are user friendly, compact and very reliable. It allows for 2 sandwich packs to be sealed within seconds. With multiple sizes of heater sets, you can seal different size sandwiches to produce a whole range. The same machines can be used to seal a variety of pots and trays.

At Europac, we work in close partnership with Enterpack, and with our combined wealth of knowledge and experience we can help you find and design the perfect packaging for your sarnies.

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